Quail Business In Nigeria

Raising quail is inexpensive, easy, provides very healthy
low-fat white meat, and supplies the fertilizer you need for
your garden.  The moderate start-up costs for raising quail are
well worth it.  If you are considering going into the business
of raising quail or you are already in the business, you have
one major objective, to make a profit. For people who want to
take their raising quail hobby to the next level of producing
and marketing large numbers as a business, there is a huge
market for them out there right now. The cost of feed and
supplies is minimal considering all the meat and eggs you get
for your efforts.

Raising Quail however does require more than just feed and
equipment. It also requires a commitment by you, to keep a clean
and healthy environment. When raising quail, disease is your
biggest enemy. Studies in this area have found that 80% of all
quail mortality could have been prevented with proper

Beginners should start with the Coturnix quail. The Japanese or
Coturnix quail are the fastest growing and reproducing birds.
They are also the best specie of quail to raise for meat and
eggs. These quail possess a remarkable resistance to disease,
start laying at six weeks of age, and can be consumed at four to
five weeks of age.  Coturnix and many other types of quail and
their eggs are marketed the year round by game bird farms all
over the world. Maintaining the same number of hours under
lights will keep your Coturnix quail laying eggs throughout the

Note that Coturnix quail kept outdoors will not lay past autumn
so if you want eggs year round, they must be kept indoors.
Under the right conditions, each female bird will lay about 300
eggs each year.  Quail eggs are also a delicious delicacy served
in many professional kitchens.  It takes about three Coturnix
quail eggs to equal one small chicken egg.  Many producers
contract a year or two ahead for the sale of their birds or

When starting any type of business, your goals are to keep
overhead as low as possible and get a quick turn around on your
investment. Raising the Coturnix quail in my opinion is the best
way to accomplish this and start your quail raising business.

Raising quail requires an investment in equipment and time.  If
you succeed in raising quail what will you do with them?

May all your quail be healthy and productive,

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